Gourmet Maitake

Traditional Maitake, Japanese for “dancing mushroom,” grows wild in forests, usually at the base of trees, particularly oaks. Maitake clusters reach 30 pounds or more, and their flared gray to brown clusters resemble the fluffed feathers of a sitting hen, hence their English nickname, “hen of the woods.”

Recently research has proven that Maitake has not only its special fragrance, meaty taste and, but abundant rare nutrition especial crude polysaccharide which is important to the health. Thanks to the countless failures and consistent endeavour of the scientists for decades, the cultivated maitake, which keeps all the nutrition in a standard size and weight and production cycle, is ready for gastronomes.

Common Names

  • King of mushrooms
  • Dancing mushroom
  • Cloud mushroom
  • Hen of the woods

The fresh maitake mushroom has a rich, savory taste which vamps up any dish. Its flavour comes to life when combined with salty foods such as bacon or cheese. There is very little wastage with this mushroom, it is simple to prepare and can be sautéed or baked.

Nutritional Facts:

Maitake mushrooms may not have a huge variety of nutrients, but what it does have, it has in numbers. 100 grams of fresh maitake contain 280% [1]of the recommended daily amount* of Vitamin D! This vitamin is very important for those who don’t get enough time in the sun, particularly for those who live in the northern hemisphere.

Without it, the body will suffer from weak bones and low immune system and neuromuscular function. Maitake may even aid in fighting cancer and reduce the effects of chemotherapy by enhancing the immune system. It’s important to note that those who are taking medication to lower blood pressure should not eat maitake, as the mushroom may increase the medication’s effect.

Cultivate Maitake Nutritional Facts:[2]

Amount Per 100 grams,  Calories   31, Total Fat    :1.70

  • Cholesterol: 0
  • The crude polysaccharide: 4.29
  • Sodium     :3.76
  • Potassium  :78.1
  • Protein     :3.37
  • Calcium     :9.34
  • Iron   :7.1
  • Vitamin B-2:0.24
  • Vitamin B-3:4.95
  • Selenium    :0.064

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[1] Source: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (link)
[2]Source:Pony Testing International Group - Report No. BDA6WMRS23745501 (link)

Storing and Using Maitake

Cultivate Maitake keep for up to 30 days in cold storage (2-5℃ / 35-40°F). To dry Maitake, place slices in a dehydrator set at 125 °F/ 50℃ or in your oven set at the lowest temperature. The average drying time is approximately four hours.

Products Details

SIZE:   59x45x33CM (contains 50 pc Martakes)

PER PIECE:  125 gram