The first “Hunan – UK Future Innovation Summit” was held in London

The first “Hunan-UK Future Innovation Summit” attended by the Governor of Hunan Province, Xu Dazhe, was held in London on the 28th. The summit was hosted by the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, the British Department of International Trade, and the British-Chinese Business Association and the British Cultural and Creative Association.

Chinese Ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming, Bank of China London Branch Governor Fang Wenjian, UK Department of International Trade Trade and Export Promotion Minister of State Rona Fairhead, Chairman of the China-Britain Trade Association Lord James Sharson, British 48 Group Chairman Stephen Perry More than 300 people from all walks of life in China and Britain attended the summit.

The signing ceremony between China and the UK was held at the summit. Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, Zhuzhou Municipal People’s Government and AstraZeneca, the second largest pharmaceutical company in the UK, signed a memorandum of cooperation. The three parties plan to cooperate to promote the development of China’s Healthy Internet of Things in Hunan and jointly build Medicine + Pharmacy + Internet of Things + Bioengineering The application of the results, innovation and cross-border talent training system; the three companies of China Kefu Medical, Zhonghui Brigade and BBK signed a cooperative procurement agreement and memorandum cooperation with Puretone, Holovis and Welsh Whisky respectively.

During the summit, experts and scholars and industry elites from both China and the UK conducted in-depth and extensive discussions and exchanges on topics such as smart manufacturing, life sciences and medical care, smart industry and technology park.